Roof Styles

Carport.Net Roof styles come in three different styles.  Our Regular, A-Frame Boxed Eave, and A-frame Vertical Roofs;  Depending on your Geographic location, each roof has added benefits based on where you live.  For a more thorough explanation of our Roof options please feel free to contact your Building Consultant today for more information.  1-800-714-4815

Roof Style for Carport, Garage, Or Custom Steel Buildings.

Carport Regular Roof

Regular Style Roof

The Most Popular Choice for customers that live in areas without high wind or snow loads.  Regular Maintenance is required to prolong the length of the Carport Steel Structure.  We provide free delivery and installation on Regular Style Carports.

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Our Most Popular Model. For more info : 1-800-714-4815

Boxed Eave - A Frame Roof

An Upgrade from the Regular Style Roof.  The A Frame gets its name from the letter ” A ” due to the shape of the Carport. The Boxed Eave Carport Roof provides better protection from elements and snow loads.  Upgrade pricing is usually nominal

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Boxed Eave Roof

The Highest Quality Roof We Sell. Provides the Best Protection

A-Frame Vertical Roof

A Frame - Vertical Roof

The Best option for states that deal with heavy changes in environmental factors such as High Snow or Wind loads.  The Vertical Roof style will provide the best protection from our tubular steel division.  It is more expensive but usually the best choice for our customers.

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Roof Style Carport Pictures